A Boy and a Woman
in Model Shop

George visits a friend who works as a parking lot attendant to try to borrow some cash. The best he can do is stall paying back a previous loan. He spots one of the customers. Eyes hidden behind movie star sunglasses, her sophisticated style marks her as being from somewhere else. He’s fascinated and lights her cigarette.


When she gets in her car and drives off, he follows her.


Ironically, the European woman drives a big, American sedan.



As seen by Demy, everything takes place in the car, even this odd courtship/mating ritual.


He follows her to a house in the hills. When she goes in, he waits for a moment, then gets out and takes in the view from above the city. The roar of a jet engine is heard taking off from LAX.


As George later tells a friend: “I was really moved by the geometry of the place, its conception, its Baroque harmony. It’s a fabulous city. To think some people says it’s an ugly city when it’s really pure poetry just kills me.”

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