A Boy and a Woman
in Model Shop

With the loan from Jay, it looks like mission accomplished. George stops by a diner for a hamburger and coffee. A couple walks in and sits down.

The young man’s green cardigan isn’t practical for LA except in the winter, but it sure looks groovy. His blonde companion’s hair has a nice bounce to it (undoubtedly from shampooing with Prell).

 Just then the mysterious woman in white happens by in front. He pays the 60 cent tab. Michael Hugo’s camera begins to track him as he follows her.

She walks into a model shop, a studio where women pose, camera supplied.

While the mini-skirted receptionist (Jacqueline Mille) has a slightly longer version of the Vidal Sassoon haircut made famous by Twiggy, the blonde with bangs (Anne Randall) is a ringer for Marianne Faithfull. George picks out the mysterious woman from a photo album. Her name is Lola.

Best known to American audiences for A Man and a Woman (1966), Anouk Aimée reprises her role from Demy’s Lola (1961). As she later tells George: “My real name is Cécile. Lola is a stage name. I was born in France . . .  a few years before you. But, really very few. I lived in a poor city  . . . then in Paris.” It’s remarkable that Demy would bring back this character so many years later and in such different circumstances.

But, like in Lola, her love for George is doomed from the start.

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