Fatal Femmes BFF

eye-violet-and-daisy01Violet and Daisy (2011) has been sitting on the shelf for a couple of years and is just now getting a limited release. That should tell you something.

imagesViolet (Alex Bledel) and Daisy (Saoirse Ronan) are a pair of post-adolescent assassins, hit women, if you will. The film begins with them taking out some guys in a methodical, if cartoon-y, fashion. In general, the gun battles are nicely staged. The acting isn’t bad, either, though the film itself tends to be a trifle with an occasional moment of pathos. The most compelling scene is a dream sequence that lasts only minutes. Ronan (don’t ask me to pronounce her first name) carries the movie with her sad, puppy dog eyes. Bledel played a teenager well into her twenties on Gilmore Girls and that was a while ago. It would make sense to have a slightly older actress play the more hardened of the two but in this case, it’s pushing it.

Violet-Daisy-11Danny Trejo (pictured above) is good as always in a cameo as a colleague of theirs. In a change of pace, James Gadolfini is a businessman waiting around to get whacked. Daisy is the daughter he wishes he had. Will that be enough to save him?Alexis+Bledel+Violet+Daisy+Portraits+2011+_iJDez9P8KAl

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