The Tiger Hunter

Castro Theatre

Directed by UCLA graduate Lena Khan, The Tiger Hunter (2016) opened San Francisco’s CAAMFEST. Set in the 1970s, the heartfelt comedy stars Danny Pudi (Community) as an Indian immigrant trying to live up to his father’s larger-than-life legacy. “To be a great tiger hunter, you must become the tiger.” Khan based the characters on her father and grandfather, a tiger hunter.

Pudi plays Sami Malik, an aspiring engineer during an economic downturn. It’s far from the American Dream. Other immigrants have bought into the same fantasy. They pool their resources, sleeping in shifts in a rundown apartment. It’s a tragic situation but Khan manages to find plenty of laughs. The camaraderie is what keeps them going toward success in their adopted country.

Besides his comedic skills, Pudi proves himself as a romantic lead. Karen David plays his childhood sweetheart Ruby. Iqbal Theba is her skeptical father, General  Iqbal.

The Tiger Hunter screens at Oakland’s New Parkway at 12:50 pm on March 18 2017

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