Amy best Lois ever?

mos-blog-jpg_180611I decided to weigh in on the Amy Adams as Lois Lane controversy while people may still know what I’m talking about. Even before Man of Steel opened, there were naysayers. At 36, she was supposedly too old, at least for the nine years younger Henry Cavill. If that’s the problem, find an older Superman. unearthed this photo of Adams as one of Smallville‘s “freaks of the week,” Jody Melville, a heavy girl who tries dieting with Kryptonite of all things. A few years after that, Adams auditioned for but didn’t get the previous Superman remake. The “too sweet” label has also been mentioned as making her a poor “Lois” candidate. I disagree. Her scenes with Laurence Fishburne as editor Perry White should dispel anyone of that idea. la_ca_0422_man_of_steelthSuperman-and-Lois-LaneMargot Kidder’s screen chemistry with Christopher Reeve is what people remember about the original. As I recall, Noel Neill’s Lois on television was never romantically involved with either Superman or Clark Kent. The guessing game about Superman‘s secret identity, a recurring bit in the comic books, was also downplayed. In Man of Steel, Lois learns that Clark is Superman even before he comes to work for The Daily Planet. Getting back to the age question, Adams looks younger than hers while Cavill appears older than his. Problem solved. But, could there be a heavy Lois, of Jody Melville proportions? That’s a question for another day.