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Claudia Christian's ONE LITTLE PILL debuts at Hollyshorts 2014

_9350014_origNarrated by executive producer Claudia Christian, One Little Pill makes a compelling case for The Sinclair Method, a revolutionary treatment for alcoholism where the patient drinks but with a medication that lessens the craving and the need to drink excessively. If your current program is working, that’s great, stick with it. However, if you or someone you love has relapsed, I’d strongly recommend visiting the Official Claudia Christian website for more information on the Sinclair Method as a possible alternative therapy.

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A recovering alcoholic, Claudia Christian has had a long, successful career in film and television but now volunteers much of her time to helping others control their disease. Ironically, one of her earliest roles was in Clean and Sober (1988) with Michael Keaton, where she’s part of an addiction recovery group. Directed by Adam Schomer, One Little Pill is the moving story of Claudia and several others finding relief after years of battling alcoholism. In the film, Dr. Sinclair explains how the brain functions and why his method using the principle of “extinction” can work where those involving abstinence are bound to fail.