The Endless Night

A Valentine to Film Noir by Ruby Tuesday (Serena Bramble)

Everything you ever wanted to know about classic film noir packed into the six minutes and 41 seconds of Massive Attack’s “Angel.” Listen for the fragments of hard-boiled dialogue bubbling to the surface from Angel’s darkest depths.

For comparison’s sake, also watch the official video of the same song. It’s the identical pulsating beat with a completely different visual vibe that’s part Guy Ritchie urban thriller and part Gap commercial with designer windbreaker clad British “gangsters” in hot pursuit of Massive Attack’s Grant “Daddy G.” Marshall. Fun, spooky stuff. At one point, one of the actors mouths the words, “You are my Angel.” Is he the lead singer/writer, Horace Andy? I couldn’t tell you for certain, but it’s a moment to remember.